Complete this online application to enter your brewery in the 2018 Great American Beer Festival competition (and indicate interest in participating in the festival) by completing the application form on the next tab.

Competition Eligibility

Before registering, please confirm that your brewery meets all eligibilty requirements for participation, as defined on the "Competition Details" page of the Great American Beer Festival website.

Breweries in planning and/or those not operational as of June 19, 2018, or who do not meet all eligibility requirements for the competition may be disqualified without further notice.

Registration Time Limit

Please complete this registration within 45 minutes time. After one hour, the form will time out, and you will have to start again.

(Hint: if you open this window, leave it idle for over 45 minutes, and come back to finish it later, it will time out, in which case you'll need to close and reopen your browser and start fresh)

Contact Information

Enter brewery information carefully, paying attention to both spelling and capitalization.  Do not use ALL CAPS.  Your information will appear in any online or printed materials where the brewery name is used exactly as it is entered on the next tab.

Beer registration will take place starting on June 29. Information and instructions regarding the beer registration process will be sent the morning of June 29 (no later than 10:00 am Mountain Time) to registered breweries that complete this application.

Most importantly, per Great American Beer Festival compliance rules (updated for current year), ALL post event marketing materials mentioning any potential winning awards are required to declare the winning beer and brewery information EXACTLY as it is entered on this form.

GABF Brewery Application  * Indicates a required field.

Enter your 9-digit Brewers Association Member Number and an email address affiliated with a person on your company membership roster. (Hint: you'll find this information in the GABF registration email(s) sent out as well as printed on the “GABF Brewery Guideline to Entering GABF” booklet BA member breweries.) If you can't find or don’t have this info, please reach out to our Member Services Department at 303-447-0816 or by emailing us at before proceeding with this registration form.

Enter Brewery ID & Email to Lookup Contact Info

Enter your 9-digit BA Brewery Member ID #.
Enter your company-affiliated email address.

Enter Contact Person & Verify BreweryDB Info

If another brewery has 25% or more interest/control in this brewery indicate this in the "Parent Brewery" text box.
Beer Glasses
Enter the desired number of beers you hope to enter into competition. This is for planning purposes and does not guarantee that number of entries into the GABF competition. Final number of entries allowed per brewery will be determined after the Application period has ended.


Name of person who will directly handle all email and phone communications for the brewery's competition participation
Please provide the best phone number to reach the primary GABF contact for your brewery (cell phone preferred).

The GABF registration system identifies and verifies your brewery information based on your brewery name and ZIP code, as listed in BreweryDB's and our membership databases.

Should you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact Event Manager, Chris Williams, Email: